We generate imaginative works being offbeat, kitschy, colorful and lightly provocative.

We boast of being a camp artist. In my opinion, camp is a thought that designates, among other things, a form of self-mockery enabling gay men for on issues of these symptom in a homophobic society, all with artifice and exaggeration.

That’s why, voluntarily, I make the clichés of gay culture and divert all of them, to be able to highlight our world, just as much in greatest as with their worst – ejection, superficiality, overconsumption, physical violence, dependency, gender, politics and much more.


. Model: Mickael


ith this series, I happened to be prompted of the Greenwich Village region, where the old Stonewall Inn riots occurred on June 28, 1969. These riots noted a robust and symbolic turning point for the queer endeavor while the fight for LGBTQ rights.

For them, that club was actually a location of liberty. They certainly were free to explore their sex. Thus I dreamed the nature of a motel in that location during that time – some thing a little bit unclean, poorly illuminated and most certainly not extremely expensive.

Locations in which marginalised, omitted or singled-out people satisfy to indulge their unique dreams and be anyone they would like to be, without covering up. The politician whom comes in secret, the farm boy who lets themselves be attracted by another guy, the fetish with the guy with the pig’s head, the guy who offers themselves out into the restroom.

We utilized cozy, damp tints to recapture the hot power of these views and produce some thing really sensual and exciting.

If this lodge had a name, it will be « Polly Dolly’s Motel », the resort of options.